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Jethro Bradley

A deadpan mix of absurd one-liners, original observations and awkwardly confident physical comedy from a self-proclaimed social outsider. Welsh Valleys based Jethro Bradley first started in stand-up in 2013 via the lively London Improv scene and he has performed on bills at The Comedy Store, The Glee Club, Downstairs at the King’s Head, Amused Moose, Mirth Control, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Machynlleth Comedy Festival. He is the Winner of the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2016, The Welsh Unsigned Act Award 2016 and winner of the Comedy Store’s infamous, King Gong. We are pleased to have now signed him, to help further his comedy career.

Jethro has appeared on BBC1, on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends with Clive Anderson, and was one of Terry Christian’s selections on Pick of the Week. Jethro has also featured on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales (performing stand-up at Machynlleth Comedy Festival and as a guest on The Jamie Owen Show).

Jethro has played all sizes of rooms and kinds of venue, indoors and outdoors and had some fun intimate gigs however his act and personal physicality work especially well in medium sized theatres, art centres and larger clubs, typically with audiences of 300 – 600 people. His set surprises audience with micro escapist moments of visual or audio comedy that go beyond the usual man-standing- there-with-mic stuff.

Never guaranteed! ….Just expect the unexpected.

His brilliant timing, playing with the audience, his theatrical delivery and the occasional prop, be that sound desk or FX, make Jethro Bradley the ideal wild card on any comedy line up, quirky act for your event or as an exquisitely dry and random panel guest.

Jethro’s autism means he has ‘sensory things going on’ . He is therefore much more sensitive to (and distracted by) noise than others and including many comedians. As a direct result of this, his clever use of silence and tension is sheer class. His broad appeal is popular across all demographics, from working mens’ clubs to arts centres and theatres Jethro’s reliable, safe & uber clean entertainment. His unique take on life and comic delivery is best described by the contrast of Essex ‘geezers’ making a beeline to sing his praises after a gig at The London Comedy Store and more alternative Tom Ward and Henry Widdicombe and the National Theatre of Fools support his career by setting up gigs in the past. Some of his favourite gigs have been playing to capacity audiences at the Swansea Grand Theatre, at the Comedy Store, London and The Glee Club in Cardiff, where he went on immediately before the headliner Jack Whitehall in front of the biggest crowd the club had ever had.

Jethro is keen to explore his acting talent, and seeks comedy films, commercials, sketches and character comedy opportunities. He has a particular talent for character acting, voices and accents.

Since early childhood he enjoyed comedy and has been involved with performing in some capacity, on & off. Whether school plays (including dragging-up as an Ugly Sister in a comic version of Cinderella), attending drama classes or appearing in friends’ short films or podcasts. His talent was recognised In 1988 when he auditioned successfully to become a presenter on the BBC Children’s television series, ‘Why Don’t You?’ Director; Russell T Davies.


Scriptwriting for film and television at Bournemouth University (and a couple of chats over coffee with Edgar Wright who was on the film course across the road at the Poole College of Art & Design). After university, freelance bits and pieces of writing and research work before getting a job as a writer and script associate on the early episodes of Sky One’s first commissioned drama series ‘Dream Team’, about a fictional premiership youth football team. He returned to Cardiff, more script and research work for BBC Wales. While there he played (a non-speaking) Edward II in a documentary series for the History Channel and also had a small part in a comedy pilot for BBC Choice (which would become BBC3).

Jethro spent several years going between support work with vulnerable adults and office and industrial temping including some truly bizarre jobs, which thankfully were very short contracts! He once spent a couple of days in a busy dairy pouring away gone-off milk. Teaching English in Japan followed, the death of his father and a few other life hiccups, he retrained as a Press photographer / Photojournalist, enrolled on a well-regarded but very intensive one year course in Sheffield and began doing internships with the likes of The Times, The Guardian and Agence France Presse, before getting a staff job with an agency covering the whole of the Home Counties, taking all kinds of news and features pictures for the national newspapers. Exciting but exhausting. The shouty, hyper-macho attitude of some of the people he found himself in the emply of were not well suited to his personality, demeanour nor autism. The occasional death threats from organised criminals who did not wish to be photographed, didn’t appeal to his survival instinct.

In 2011 / 2012 when he could access London and had enough spare time to throw myself into the comedy improv scene there he began attending classes with Hoopla Impro and quickly signed up to every kind of Improv course, class and workshop going and explored clowning and mime (attending classes run by Mick Barnfather, Richard Knight and also Carlo Jacucci) It was through doing solo improv and clowning, he realised he loved the limelight; a chance to shine. When the hullabub died down.

Enter Stage. Jethro Bradley.

In Spring 2013 Jethro did Logan Murray’s Comedy Course and used that a confidence-building springboard to launch into the open mic scene in London. Committed as he is, he took his career very seriously (nothing’s changed there then….) averaging 4 or 5 gigs per week. His first “proper” gig was at the Comedy Virgins night at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell. It went. Surprisingly well. Some big laughs and made the clap-off final at the end.. In fact, his first dozen or so gigs were great fun before inevitably dying on stage. In a basement, in front of an audience consisting exclusively of bored and/or distracted comedians.

Nevertheless, he kept going and within the first few months began to get the occasional paid spot and within a year was sharing a stage with acts like Scott Cappurro, Phil Kay and Simon Evans. After a couple of early paid gigs as a character act, (Professor Steen Stornstein, an embittered scientist living in the shadow of Brian Cox. In his character as ‘The Professor’, Jethro was often accosted by real scientists after gigs – people who had liked the performance but wanted to debate the science elements. After one show, this person turned out to be Brian Cox’s assistant.) In 2015ish Jethro returned to Cardiff and continued to gig on the Cardiff and South Wales and West circuits popping back to London for gigs at The Store and Downstairs at the King’s Head.

He continued clowning and physical theatre, attending regular classes run by Anja Conti at NoFit State Circus. In 2016 – despite a bereavement in June of that year – he won WUSA and the BBC Radio New Comedy Award. Stabnd out shows since have been a split show with Phil Cooper at Machynlleth Comedy Festival in 2017 and a spot on a large outdoor stage in Cardiff at an Oxfam fundraiser with Mike Bubbins and Clint Edwards. After that followed a long break to write and think, and now returns to comedy, with new stand-up material under his belt. Jethro Bradley is well and truly back on the circuit.

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