He’s clever, bright, naturally very funny A natural in front of the camera. A real find.


  • 22 years
  • Slim /athletic build
    • Medium height
    • Longer hair currently. Moves between long and floppy and short, back & sides. Could grow moustache or full beard.


Adam is a final year Drama student at Bath Spa Uni. Talented young man, variable voice tone, has a certain magic.



Dante’s Inferno:  Dante.

The Heights: Jimmy

Oyster Boy: Tim Burton Tales Oyster Boy

Morgana: Arthurian Legend: Embodiment of the sin, Wrath

Weldon’s Rising: Jimmy

Posh: The Riot Club:Toby

My Heart’s a Suitcase: Pest

Street Car Named Desire: Mitch

Dorian Gray: Dorian

Schizophrenia (short film) Persona 1