Loud, outspoken and very accessible political comedy from a Northern working-class prospective. Chris is opinionated and a tour de force.

Chris McGlade has spent twenty six years working everywhere from the unforgiving working mens clubs in the North of England, all the way to the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood comedy store on the rock comedy show with American comedy superstar Dane Cook and the prestigious LA Improv comedy club!

Chris recently starred as Pete in Ken Loaches new film “I Daniel Blake” and as the Boxing Coach George, in Billy Elliot the musical, in London’s West End.

He has successfully performed at the Edinburgh and Glasgow Comedy festivals and reached final of Old Comedian of the Year after a seven year lay off from his comedy. He has played alongside Frank Carson at the Sunderland Empire Theatre and played the prestigious Leicester Square Theatre and Soho Theatre in his own one man show.

In 2004, Chris started a political campaign in his home town of Redcar against the local authority there and the countries biggest house builder Persimmon Homes. He beat them in 2010 in the House of Lords and changed the law in England regarding open spaces. He also stood as an independent candidate for Redcar in the 2005 general election, as part of his political campaign and came fourth with 2379 votes, the seventh highest fourth place in the country in that general election.

Read Chris’ interview with Beyond The Joke.


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  • “He sits at the confluence of two circuits. He’s a proudly working-class bloke who likes a good old joke-joke, no matter what the stereotypes it’s built on. But he’s also a bright, passionate, socially engaged man who wants to do comedy with a hard-hitting message. McGlade is a naturally funny and engaging comedian, but they are secondary to the message and just connecting with people.” Steve Bennett, Edinburgh Fringe
  • “Come the next revolution, Chris McGlade could be the next Alexei Sayle” –   Chortle, Steve Bennett   ****
  • “This is weaponised comedy, locked and loaded. It is awesome” – The Scotsman, Kate Copstick
  • “Intense, unique show unlike anything else you’ll see on the Fringe” – Beyond the Joke, Bruce Dessau ****
  • Provocative Chris McGlade is a breath of fresh air on the circuit, offering outspoken political comedy from a Northern working-class perspective rarely heard on the metropolitan liberal scene. For once, it’s not satire that relies on everyone having the same opinion – as an audience you can be challenged, and you can disagree with him. But one thing about which there’s no debate is his phenomenal performance of a fierce and funny show, which is at the Leicester Square Theatre for one night only.” – Chortle