Darcie Silver has been described as one of the most exciting new comedians on the circuit. With an eclectic mix of one liners and longer jokes, she has proved to be an audience favourite. Darcie’s style is probably best described as somewhere between Gary Delaney and Michael McIntyre.

Darcie has written comedy for as long as she remembers from sitcoms in her early teens, which were so bad they were good…. and then bad again, to a backpacking adventure book and of course the only thing that’s kept her sane – stand up.

Darcie is a transgender woman and has known she was in the wrong body since she was 3. This has given her a troubled, hard life with the only escapism being in writing comedy which she’s done alone and away from the world from an early age. She had never planned to perform it and was happy just to write, but then a comment about how much she would look back and regret having never even tried inspired her to try performing. In 2018 she took the plunge and got onstage. She was instantly hooked and finds rare peace and happiness on stage.


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  • “Very funny stuff” – Russel Kane
  • “Very promising joke writer” – Gary Delaney