Comedian, Presenter, Singer Songwriter of powerful eclectic moody tracks, all round entertainer, author, actress and respected YouTuber with over 10k followers, Steph is a powerhouse of laughs in any setting. Utterly adorable and vulnerable in her comedy she packs an X rated comedy punch into every performance, though can play it clean when required. Cos she’s a real lady, really.

Fans travel from far and wide to see her at her very own showcase Cafe-Bar-Shoppe venue in Hartlepool which she owns and runs putting on sold out shows to a diverse fan base and well up for it crowd.

Super funny, super nasty, super stupid, super silly, super daft, super nerd, super naïve, super female whatever. Stephanie Aird will nail it.

Call us. You’ll never meet anyone like Steph.




Cafe-Bar and Shows

Ring Tone

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  • “Had a fabulous night last night well worth the 400 mile round trip to see you. What a lovely mothers’ day pressie it was.”
  • “What a great night we had, Steph is a genuinely lovely women and a fantastic entertainer.”
  • “I was unsure as if it would be worth the 2 hr journey – my god … totally was – in fact I would have travelled double, we had a fab night.”