Artist Management

Christian Steel – Actor, comedian , Voiceover & TV Warm Up Artist

a few words about Anita as my manager and life coach.

Any epic journey like life or career can sometimes feel impossible – you can lose your way and have your confidence knocked and the route back appears like climbing Everest or a 1000 mile hike with no direction. Breaking free from the past starts with taking a first step and Anita gave me the courage to firstly take that step and secondly focus on the direction of where I wanted to go in my life and what I wanted to achieve. Essentially, I had stopped living and was simply existing. Meeting and getting to know Anita, who is dynamic and insightful – she can see just what you need and has a clear plan how to get you there and helps you articulate what you want and are missing. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want yourself, so it was refreshing to be asked direct and pertinent questions and when it comes time to say it out loud, you really need a good coach / agent who genuinely cares but also someone you know has got extensive life experience herself and can empathise with mistakes but more importantly show you that they weren’t mistakes – they were just not the best way of doing things! and helped me reinterpret them and draw positive learning from them. I can now see the way forwards and love my life.

As my manager – what can I say?! …..I wouldn’t want anyone else fighting in my corner – she’s tenacious and finds great work – and work that’s suited to your skill set. She’s fab!


Simon Caine – Podcast King and Comedian

Hi Dudette, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you very much for being there for me this year especially around my break up and podcasting and Edinburgh and just about everything. You’ve just been epic.
Go mad! and put this on your testimonial page – you deserve all the support and loveliness you can get. Please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do as you know I’ll do pretty much anything to help you out, anytime. 😊
I hope we can hang out more in 2016. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you soon! xx


Geoff Whiting – Founder Mirth Control Comedy

Arriving on the scene from a corporate background, Anita Elizabeth Holmes has over a relatively short space of time, already developed a fantastic reputation as an agent and life coach to artists in the comedy industry. She has coached comics with prime time TV credits as well as newer acts now breaking on the UK comedy circuit. She is always asked for specifically by name and has built a select portfolio of clients without any advertising at all, just recommendations and word of mouth keep her very busy. Having appeared as a key guest on a podcast from the Edinburgh Festival in 2015 she has been invited to manage PR for artists, become many household names’ professional sounding board and advisor, and appeared on regional TV shows already which is remarkable for someone who has branched into this industry relatively recently.

Her skill set is diverse and includes one to one life coaching, guiding artists including comedians how to improve and develop their personal ‘brand’ to take to market and works with them on their actual performance skills on stage too, very effectively. Confidential feedback from artists has included how she has increased personal efficiency, improved their personal time management (better organised and prioritise more) and supported acts achieve better life balance, improve their health, enjoy more energy, sleep better, become more self aware, etc.

I have worked in this industry as an MC, comedian, comedy booker (the largest in Europe) and an artist manager (for over ten years) and can only speak highly of her as a new agent on the block and an incredibly well liked and respected Life Coach to my artists and members of my own team here, and would recommend her to anyone in the business, since she has independently proven herself to be outstanding at what she does.


Pav Rao – Comedian

Anita is positivity personified. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless. And most importantly, I know that she believes in me as an artist, understands where I’m coming from, both as a stand-up and a person, and can help me get to where I want to go. What else could you ask for?


Murdo MacDonald – UK Multimillion Company Director

If you were to ask us, why we have been working closely with Anita Elizabeth Holmes for the past many years, I can only sum it up in “like minded people coming together”. She has brought us success.

She is supportive, empathic, and immensely respected by managers, the senior management team and the board of our organisation. We knew where we wanted the group to go but needed the expert guidance, experience & integrity that she delivers, across many fronts, to make sure we get there.

We have been impressed with all the work she has done for us. Anita’s ability to open minds and develop skill bases is a credit to her personal approach and the overall style she adopts. She has been truly outstanding. We must mention her insightful behavioural analysis which has developed the strengths of all staff and not highlighted the negativity, as so often is the case with other coaches and trainers. Anita is a qualified Personality Profiling Practitioner (Psychometric Assessor) created by her own company’s Occupational Psychologists and everyone found that journey interesting and very helpful and the most accurate 4 dimensional personal profiling tool we have used. We all got a huge amount out of it. She appreciates the way in which our company operates and the diverse support needs of all our own individuals have always been thoroughly catered for, and importantly as well throughout all developmental programmes she has always fully understood the needs of our end users, our customers.

As an individual, Anita brings a welcome breath of fresh air and energy to our team and she has approached all challenging situations with innovative maverick thinking and has successfully and quickly built rapport and long lasting quality relationships with all levels of personnel.

Any prospective client would be welcome to contact me directly and can by all means make contact with me on the numbers shown at the end of this letter and I wish her continued success for the future. (details available upon request to contact Murdo directly)


Bella Loram

From the first time I met Anita years ago I knew I would return to her for further sessions as the first one was lovely and very productive. Her life coaching and spiritual guidance especially helped me to expand my horizons and business. She helped me with self esteem issues and taught me how to focus and more importantly increased my own faith in my abilities as a psychic.
I now read for celebrities and am booked solid months in advance and this wonderful and highly experienced lady is now most definitely a valued personal and business resource.
My advice to the reader, go see her you will not be disappointed.
Wishing you good luck.



Geoff Whiting – Founder Mirth Control Comedy, MC and Stand Up Comedian

I know from experience that having an agent that truly does believe in you is key you making a success of your career in this business, not all agents operate on this basis as many acts have discovered to their cost.


Life Coaching

I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of being Coached by Anita Holmes who is a real expert in her field.

Olympian Athlete 2016


I was Coached by Anita Elizabeth Holmes throught a year’s bespoke progarmme and it changed my life. My sessions have been far more informative, insightful and helpful that I could ever have imagined. She passes on her knowledge with ease and simplicity and the whole experience has been throughly enjoyable.

British TV Presenter 2016


Anita has been my Life Coach for 2 years now and I always look forward to meeting up with her. Because her contribution is relevant, practical and comes with an apprecaition of the entertainment industry, my personal development has been rapid, my well being undoubtedly improved and fees I’m now able to command have soared. I am a public figure so this testimony is in confidence to Anita because before I set out on my Life Coaching jounrey with her I was the planet’s greatest cynic! So I want to share the ‘find’ of a good life coach and extol the benefits coahcing can bring.

Anonymous Celebrity Artist